Friday, April 30, 2010


SO! Alexis slept from 8pm to 4am! And even though she cried from 4am to 6am, and the other kids got up at 7am, I felt like a new woman today! lol Crazy what 6 hrs of straight sleep will do for you! Bad news though is...after nursing her like every 3 hours for the last week, my boobies were more than ready to do their job at..11pm, so I woke up to nice engorgement..along with either a plugged duct, or mastitis. You know, I use to milk goats as a kid, and I must say, the comparison, is...quite disturbing to say the least. Such is life I guess lol Seriously, what other time in a woman's life, do they talk about their boobs SO much!? Imagine teen girls getting together "oh my goodness, I woke up this morning and they were like OUT TO HERE!" or maybe 40 yr old women taking a coffee break "Mildred,do you ever get pains in your left nipple?" Seriously, us nursing mothers describe SO much about our private breasts...but the thought of getting a breast exam freaks us out! haha
ANYway, enough about THAT lol Today is Friday. yay yay! My husband is off work for this weekend, so we usually try and plan something fun to do. We thought about hitting the beach (4-5 hrs away), but we started arguing about what beach to go to, and what each of us wanted to do while there, all the while the 2 little kids started to whine and fuss....I was glad it hit me that instead of making ourselves drive 4-5 hours straight, with whiney kiddos, to get to a beach, where one of us, won't be it MIGHT just be a good idea to stay home and catch up on some SLEEP!
So here we are, Friday night, Hubby is playing Halo 3 with his online buddies, and I'm blogging it up with a pump attatched to my poor, sore boobies, in hopes to cure whatever it is that's bugging them!

wow. what has my poor little life come to!? "Friday night and the moon is high, gonna head on over......and start my pump!" (a start of a country song, to those who don't know. yes. all of you. lol)


Sherilyn said...

I feel ya girl!! I was where you were a year ago. I really hand it to you for trying the BF thing again. It was a challenge with both of mine, but I know I will probably try again when the next time rolls around. It gets so much better when you are able to wean. You have at least a little part of your life...and your body back. =) Though my days get tiring with breaking up all the fights and squabbles, it's a ton easier than a year ago. So all that to say, GO KATIE!! You can do it!

Amanda said...

I was there not to long ago. You get an extra hour to sleep but yet the boobs are ready to be tended to. :) I was finished at 5months with Leah. Good for your for sticking with it! I am excited to follow you my friend and excited to 'meet' you at michaels bday which we will arrange all our plans to attend :)

Mommy2_4Girls said...

Oh thanks you two! :) ANd looking forward to finally meeting you Amanda!! lol