Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's goin' on!?

So, been awhile :) I don't plan to write on this blog everyday hehe, as it could get verrrry boring really quick! Nothing out of the ordinary going on! Been working on our massive garden all summer, and I'm pleased to see some plants finally dying off! It's almost a revengeful feeling. I see the 100+ bushes of beans, starting to brown and fade away, and I feel like I have in some way conquered them all! "mwaahahaa, take THAT you beans! You did not defeat me!" Yea. been spending way too much time in the kitchen! But we sure have put up a bunch of food in the freezer anyway! Probably about 200 ears of corn, 15 gallons of green beans, 15+gallons of pumpkin (most of which has been pureed into babyfood), 5 gallons of sliced bell peppers (Great for Bratwurst later!), 5 or so gallons of zucchini slices, 15 qts of grated zucchini (for bread! mmm!) and a few bags of yellow squash. But the war is not over yet! LOL I have only triumphed over the corn and green beans. We still have cucumbers, tomatoes, and PUMPKINS coming out our ears! I am cooking 2 pumpkins in the oven right now...and still have 2 more on the table staring at me...and another 2 to be picked in the garden. UG and to think they sell these things for $5-$10 a shot come Halloween time! Highway robbery that is!

Let's see what else. The girls school supplies arrived last week! I can't believe they'll be starting 2nd grade! I remember 2nd grade being SUPER fun when I was little! So hoping it will be the same for them :) Audrey is officially completely potty trained...another big thing! Alexis...I started her on cloth diapers about 3 weeks ago, and LOVING it! I wish I had started this way back when! It's so easy, and SO much cheaper! I feel a little on the weird side though...organic garden growing, homemade babyfood, cloth diapers, breastfeeding LOL what's my life coming to? haha. There is a sense of pride though, this feeling of independence from the grocery stores! Now...if I start making my own deodorants, come konk me on the head! :p

That's about it! If any of you moms have any questions for me, email me! I'll answer them on here (I need topics! :) mkaaw@bellsouth.net

I took this pic the other day, turned out SO well! I don't make a habit of taking breastfeeding pics and posting them on the web hehe, but I figured this one is pretty "Safe".