Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life as a "SAHM"

What really goes on?

So, I probably picked the worst time in my life to start a I have oodles of free time to be compiling my life in words, for, probably nobody to see! But that is fine. I'm doing this for myself. It's how I maintain my sanity! I'm sure you have seen it in movies, jailbirds in solitary confinement...and only the old and wise ones, who had not lost their minds, were the ones that either talked to themselves, or had achieved privileges of some charred up stone of which to write a journal on his cell walls. Yes. That my friends (yes. all of you who are not reading this lol) is why I am writing this. And yes, I do compare myself to a solitary confinement at times. It's the reality of being a stay at home mom, we label ourselves "SAHM". Oh what those 4 letters MEAN!

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