Thursday, May 27, 2010

Been awhile :)

So it's been a few days since I last wrote :) The girls finally got over all their ailments...Autymn had pink eye, I kept her quaranteened in her room for 4 days! I was surprised though at how quick a certain lil home remedy worked though! Day 1 her eyes were SO red and swollen, looked creepy! Day 2, I was told to try "breastmilk drops" in her eyes. I figured..ah, why not! By the end of day 2, her eyes were just pink and puffy. Morning of day 3, just pink on the bottoms of her eyes. By evening, NO pink! By day 4, NO signs of pink eye! So yea, if you happen to be lactating the same time you kids get pink eye..there's the tried n true trick! Sadly, during that time of boobie drops in the eyes...Alexis came down with a 103 fever, then Audrey (who also added puking to that), then I was quite busy. The celebration for letting Autymn out of her room, quickly ended the next day, when SHE got sick! I was just glad to get it ALL through everyone's systems! Poor Alexis was quite cranky, she had that virus AND cut her first tooth same day!

This past saturday, I threw my first (and successful at that!) surprise party for Michael! It was a pretty good turn out! I had invited about 30 or so people, and about 20 made it. I was slightly agitated that some people never RSVP'd...WHO doesn't RSVP when all it requires is a simple email back. But anyway. lol I survived :p Michael was totally surprised...we had air horns and all! hehe. Which brings me back to TODAY...his REAL birthday. And, I totally forgot to plan :( I have no dessert to special dinner, and no plans. Poor guy. But..he is a guy. So..shouldn't be TOO hard. hehe

Let's see what else in my crazy hectic life. Finished up school last week (yay!) The girls have their lil graduation June 1, they are siked about that! And since I finished school, I decided it would be a great time to get Audrey out of diapers and into the big girl world of Elmo and Dora underwear! I started this past Monday, and I'm so glad it's going really well! Monday was hopeless it seemed. Tuesday, we made some progress, but only because I was watching her naked butt the entire day and running her to the toilet. Wednesday, she cried with her wet underwear. And today! She has been dry all day! SO happy! It will be reallllly nice to not have to buy 2 large boxes of diapers twice a month!

That's all the news here! Wishing we had big travel plans for Memorial Day weekend...Michael is off sat-mon! oh well...lazy day at the pool I guess ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wasn't it just last week..?

It almost feels like DeJavu with the kids being sick and me not having any sleep! Maybe. This is just real mommy life! So here I be, listening to the quiet whales (vs. the loud ones hehe) of a feverish baby...who is also teething, but not sure if the fever is JUST her teeth or more than that. It doesnt' really matter though. I have a sick, cranky baby, who has refused to sleep hardly a minute you would THINK, she would have hit that crib hard and been fast asleep...yea. not happening. Then I have my toddler, in a OUR closet...because. Autymn, who has been confined to the girls bedroom all week..has pink eye. Poor Ashleigh is laying next to me on the living room floor. I guess I should count my blessings though..nobody else has pink my hard endeavors to keep Autymn secluded..just might be paying off. I do however have this attitude of "I wouldn't be surprised if everyone wakes up with fevers and oozing pink eye in the morning!".

I sure am ready for this phase of life to kinda wrap it up. I WILL miss my lil cuddly babies, but oh to have a solid night of rest! I miss the days when it was just the twins, who at 4 yrs old could do pretty much everything we did..and have fun too! We could just hop in the car and head to the beach at 9pm on a Friday! Play all weekend, sleep in..we ALL enjoyed it! Now..we actually thought about hitting the beach this weekend, but the thought of actually having to DO something, is tiring! You know you are exhausted when going to the BEACH is tiring! We have both talked about how the thought of packing up everything, and toting the 2 lil ones at night, and keeping everyone happy at the beach for more than an hour..just sounds...exhausting!
So this is just our phase! I know next year we will be living it up!!! FUN times!

ANyway..on a more, not so mundane note! I did make the time in my crazy day to play with Ashleigh and Audrey, funny how if you just force yourself to have fun with end up actually having fun! They had this ball with a handle (meant for like 3-5 yr olds to hold on and bounce on) lets just say a mommy on one of those things..makes for some pretty hard laughes! That and I scared the daylights out of Audrey by hiding behind the piano and jumping out at her, was HILARIOUS...but...I'm hoping it doesn't come back to bite me when she wakes up from nightmares LOL ...ah, oh well, I'll be up anyway!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Today my mom would have been 60!

So this weekend is a tough one, Today is my Mama's birthday, and it doesn't help that mother's day is just two days away as well! I always have mixed sad feelings on mother's day. I miss not being able to let my mom know "Wow MOM, you were SO patient with me (did I really act like my 6 yr old!?) lol" And all the stuff I said to her as a teen "you don't really love me anyway"...I wish I could come back now...having been a mom, and say "thanks Mama". I know now, just BEING a mama, you couldn't love your child more! So after I get through the emotions of missing my own mother, I try to think positive of BEING a mommy myself. I think of my beautiful daughters. My twins who are 6! Maturing so perfectly. My cute-button nosed toddler who loves to make us laugh! My adorable, always smiling, not so planned hehe, 6 month old...and I smile at how blessed I am...but THEN these pulling, saddening thoughts hit me "I wonder how my mom would have been a grandma to my kids" "would she like my parenting style" "would she think I'm a good mom?" And then I am back to crying all over again! So. Either way I try to look at mother's usually ends back at missing my Mama more than ever!
So to not leave all you readers (yea, all FOUR of you hehe)I will not leave you guys hanging with a cloud of misery over your heads! And not to be blunt. but "so my mom died". Very practical sounding I know. But life really doesn't end there, and why should I make it sound that way! I miss her yea... but so happy that there WILL be a happy ending to this life story :) I have learned so much from my Mom being gone. And I am actually very grateful! I have learned to lean on God. Be confident in my decisions. Hold all relationships closely. Let frustrations subside quicker. And kiss a little longer ;) My mom's life was relatively short. In fact, if I die when she did, I only have 22 yrs left. A good bit less than the life I have already lived! If I get sick when she got sick, I have less than 20 yrs! If I start feeling "not myself" when she did, I have about 15 yrs left. It really puts things in perspective doesn't it!? So live life! :) So I guess, although this time of year is saddening. At the same's a reflective time, and almost motivating to stay focused on what REALLY matters in life. My relationship with God. My love for my family and friends! And my outlook on life!
So with that said, I cherish my family and friends dearly! You never know how much longer you have with them. And I will pray I pray every year "God, if it's possible, would you please tell Mama Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day for me, and that I love her so very much!! Amen"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday~

So this weekend was NICE! Complete and utter laziness :) Baby slept great for me, got to sleep in with my man, grazed all day on leftovers and fattening what nots. Sunday, the two little ones were enjoying their new cold for the month (ug!) so we couldn't take them to church. It's so frustrating when you make it to church as a family maybe once a month (if that!). And although I have had many people at our church assure me "it's just a phase", I can't help but feel like I'm a back-slidden baptist who isn't doing my job keeping the pew seat warm HAHA It IS just a phase, I wish I could do I did as a teen/single adult! You know, there for every service, teaching 2 classes, ministering to other people who were down in the dumps!Oh well, I'll just keep remembering Is. 40:11 "He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young." God is a Father. A daddy :) I know when my kids are tired and exhausted, Michael never expects the girls to do "what they were doing when full of energy". He is more than happy to pick them up and carry them. And I AM most certainly the sheep "with young" lol So I will stay encouraged that He is gently leading me through this sometimes, VERY chaotic life!
So...back to life :) Got two kiddos whiney because they don't feel well :( and 2 kiddos that are whiney...because they have absolutely nothing to do. It's a whiney type day though, sooo overcast and rainy! I got my house mostly picked up (many thanks to my hotstuff husband for picking most of it up yesterday!), so I'm thinking about turning on some old movie on tv and might as well stay in my pjs the rest of the day right? hehe Got some spaghetti plans for dinner (easy! yay!) and lookin' forward to my guy getting home in a couple hours. Life reallly is good :) I may bicker about whiney kids, not enough money, etc! but it's all good! It's life. :)