Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Someone come and pick me up!"

That sums up my life right now...just go ahead and take me to the loony bin! I suppose when I started this breastfeeding adventure I thought it would be a little tough. Yea. tough alright! I didn't realize how overpowering this need to breastfeed and only breastfeed would be! I guess because I tried SO hard with not one, not two, but THREE of my kids and I "failed" that I'm determined to succeed with baby #4! So, I read just about every book out there about boobs, latches and more. I never thought I would spend hours reading up on how a woman's breast works. I managed to make it though! (pat on my back! lol) I spent the first two weeks of my baby's life, propped up on the couch nursing her when she wanted to...which just so happened to be...every hour. But that is long past, and I'd rather not re-live the moments of cracked nipples, engorgement, and sleepless days and nights! I want to focus on today, the moments of cracked nipples, engorgement, and sleepless days and nights. Yes. Six months later, here I am..again! (note for all you that have dreams of b'feeding, I had about 4 good months hehe). But now the joyous little first "toothes" are coming in, and I'm about to go nuts! I have managed to get about 3 hours average of sleep a night this week. Nothing is working, although, searching online, there is one remedy I have yet to try, and that is putting cayenne pepper on her gums...which...sounds like that would just enhance my poor screaming baby's screams.
So life as of this moment, is enduring getting my nipples pulled and chomped on, while a little baby experiences pain for the first time in her life. We both would like to end this phase of life as soon as possible. Because. Nobody is happy right now!

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