Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm picking up the ole' blogging again :)

Soooo....been awhile! I could write an epic on my new business, how it got started, plans, dreams, etc. But ...don't want to hehe. This is my "mommy place" =)
So, to recap...the twins are 7 now, little Audrey, is not so little wearing 4-5T clothes and will be turning 3 in September! And my baby, my sweet last lil baby, is now almost 18 months soon! I am VERY proud of myself (and her!) that we made it to 15 months breastfeeding! Was hoping to make it to two, but she was done...I wasn't. lol I cried like a baby the first 2 weeks :( There are so many books about "how to wean baby" and make it "easier for baby"...but there aren't any that I'm aware of that talk about babies weaning their mommies off of the cuddle time! Yes...I have become quite the softy with each kiddo!
We are finishing up 2nd grade with K12, and if all continues to go as planned, will be done end of May! Then going to start Abeka Video Academy this fall- cannot believe the girls will start THIRD grade! It's so strange to have daughters this age. I remember having boyfriends at 7...I remember all my friends! What I enjoyed playing, the "crazy talk" me and my sisters had. It's just...neat, to hear those two whisper stories to eachother all the time, and a lil scary that half the time it IS about boys and "when I get boobs like mommy" haha! Sometimes, I feel like all I do, all day long, is get on to them about back talking, not picking up, and aggravating their sisters...but at the end of the day, and in the bigger picture, I have some wonderful young ladies that have incredible personalities! It's what I console myself with at the end of the day anyway :p

We (well, Michael) plowed up our garden plot for this yes, the "Dreaded" gardening process has begun! I love gardening...I loved having fresh, organic produce from our garden in our freezer all winter....but a large garden is like a newborn baby. You love them...but it's the day to day work involved that gets tiring! So, we will be spending the weekend ...planting those little seeds! I'm excited that this year, Alexis is a "toddler" now, and can entertain herself playing in the dirt. Last year it was difficult to garden with a 6 mo old...who..wanted to just eat the dirt.

That's pretty much it for now! I am really hoping to get back into the groove of updating this =)

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Sherilyn said...

Cool! My seed starters are doing pretty well and should be ready for some transplanting pretty soon. Trying to add a little more to my "garden" this year too. We shall see. =)