Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's JUNE...already!?

I really don't know where the time goes sometimes! Weird how, time never changes, but how we feel towards it... does! You can throw yourself in the most emarrassing situation, and time suddenly STOPS lol It's like everyone is goingin slo-mo! You have time to critique every little detail, on everyone's faces, you see yourself doing whatever it was you were doing and it's like WHOA..this is weird. haha. I bet though that would be a great way to live life! (without the embarrassing part!)What if before you said anything you were able to anaylze everyone's faces, and how you said it. Better yet, what if you did that when you were having a bad day! Speaking of bad days and lessons learned! We hit the beach this past weekend, and although the kids did great, Alexis still had a hard time adjusting to the hotel room and her new surroundings. I don't blame her, I can't sleep hardly at all in a new place. Anyway, she had me up pretty much all night. I always feel bad at hotels, lol I just know the entire hotel guests are down in the lobby, threatening the family with the baby in room 203 "that baby kept me up allll night" "me too!" "let's ban her and the baby from staying at this hotel..ever!" ha. right. But for some reason, i feel it my duty to not let the baby make more than a peep! SO, Sunday morning finally comes around, and I'm dead dog tired, LOOOK dead dog tired...and when I'm ready to pass the baby off to Michael so I can catch some z's...that's when the other 3 kiddos jump awake "we going swimming now!?" Now, 2 yrs ago, I believed the saying "if Momma's ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". I would have been quite upset "I don't KNOW if we are going swimming, mommy was up ALL night, and needs a coffee and a nap to half function!" Followed with the usual snaps throughout the day, all under the excuse of "I didn't sleep lastnight". Something I have learned though is, to take a step back, and look at everyone in the family...they are ALL happy and excited, and I'm the ONLY one who didn't get sleep, the ONLY one grouchy. So if I can just fix my attitude lol, and pretend the horrible night of sleep didn't happen..then we can actually have a terrific vacation day! So, I just applied a bit more concealer under my baggy eyes, sipped a coffee...oh wait, no, no coffee..forgot we couldn't find a coffee place. (yes, it added to my woe is me deep down feeling!) haha. But any rate, we had a good time! and it could have been worlds worse if I had been a grumpy ole goat in the corner! haha

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